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Selling all old OCs -Open- by Tainted-Remorse
Selling all old OCs -Open-
EDIT - PLEASE NOTE ME FOR TRADE OFFERS <3 I wouldn't mind new characters 


Chibi Krexen by Dreesha /couldn't resist using this for the preview image ;u;/
Anyway, I'm selling all of my old OCs that I don't use anymore, here are the characters -

Info - 
You create the starting bid, I'm not putting a set price on it, but the minimal increase is $1 or 100 points (yes I'm accepting points for these but I'd like to convert them after on my point adopts account)
There is no auto-buy for them, but I would like Krexen/Kacpar (whatever you wanna call him) to go for quite a reasonable price because I am still attached to him

You can bid under my comment depending on what character you wish to bid on
Once the character is your's, you can change anything you like, and the character will be your's, not mine anymore

Thank you! //hopefully this'll help me get my mum's birthday presents and pay for a bit of the christmas dinner ;__;

All auctions end on December 1st 2014 at 5PM British time zone
:3 A few of you have been asking me to make point adopts, so I've made a point adopts account which I won't submit USD adoptables to. I'll also be posting linearts there so please watch me <3
Advent Calendar adoptables now open by Tainted-Remorse
Advent Calendar adoptables now open
I stole this idea from :iconkarrev: because it seems like a fun thing to do :3 I just won't post any adoptables until December time <3
Basically, it works by this;
You reserve a spot on the date/s of your choice, I will premake 25 designs and you'll be given one at random. You can trade your characters with others, although however if you dislike your design it's not my fault as it's completely at random. I will not refund you if you don't like the design, though you can sell it for the price you bought it at <3
I will be doing higher prices for the more complexed designs. You will receive either a chibi design in this style; Sakura Shibe design adoptable or a design in my usual style; Song based Fox adoptables set 2 OPEN and I'll make 10 chibi ones, 15 regular ones, it's just the luck of the drawer which you get!
Look in my gallery for examples of my designs, you'll receive something to that quality
There will be all sorts of species in these designs all apart from human. There will be some anthros, but mainly ferals. I'll be doing cross species animals, felines, canines, foxes, horses, griffins, dragons, unicorns, and much more!
PayPal only as dA doesn't let me convert points and I don't use them
Please credit me for the art and design you get!
You will need to pay me within 48 hours of you commenting what slot you choose, I will premake the designs this month and upload them on the day :3 All this money will be going to pay for food and presents this christmas, as well as clothes for college and if I get enough I will donate some money to the charity I work for as we're running low on donations. If you're interested in what charity, it's Plymouth Cat's Protection
I also need to buy some flowers for my grandad when we visit his grave this christmas, we're all contributing so he can have something extra special

Slots -
December 1st - $15
December 2nd - $15
December 3rd - $15
December 4th - $15
December 5th - $15
December 6th - $15
December 7th - $15 :iconsordid-justice:
December 8th - $15 :iconsordid-justice:
December 9th - $15
December 10th - $15
December 11th - $15
December 12th - $15
December 13th - $15
December 14th - $15
December 15th - $15
December 16th - $15
December 17th - $15
December 18th - $15
December 19th - $15
December 20th - $15
December 21st - $15
December 22nd - $15
December 23rd - $15
December 24th - $15
December 25th - $15

I'll put an icon next to the date for the person who picks that specific date
Points only :3 I have a few on my main and I'd like a new character, so if you know anyone who's selling any designs, or you, then please post in the comments with the link/links
Same goes for design commissions!

Also my main account is; lmprison
:3 A few of you have been asking me to make point adopts, so I've made a point adopts account which I won't submit USD adoptables to. I'll also be posting linearts there so please watch me <3

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