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I've extended the contest by a week due to people wanting more time ;u; I wasn't going to allow this but more than one person wanted it to be extended so, it's only fair to give you all a chance <3 the new deadline is; SUNDAY 8TH MARCH, it wouldn't be the Sunday after though as my Birthday's on the 12th and my boyfriend's wanting to take me out. I'll judge the contest entries on Monday after college, so at around 6PM in British time, for late entries you can enter on the Monday just make sure it's before when I judge! Thank you uwu

Edit; I'm gonna start being more active on my main again as well as here ;u; If you're interested in seeing my work, I'd be delighted if you paid me a visit there, I'll probably hold a kiriban too so, free art and stuff!
My main is FrayedEntity

Also for my contest you need to make both a design and icon for the group, not just one or the other ;_; 
Also if you want to contribute to the prizes please note me or comment and I'll add you to the prize list!

I've decided I'd like to hold a contest on my new species, mainly as a celebration thing but also because /I cannot pixel/
This contest will have 1 winner only!

I would like you to design a mascot for my group,:iconkitsumeras:, you can use any of the rarities on the species sheet to make it too! Though there is a second part to this contest, and it's to make an icon for the group including the mascot you designed ;-; This is where I cannot do this myself, because I'm an awful pixeler, However you can just shrink down an image for the icon if you're also bad at pixeling ;u; <3 I don't mind! This is mainly just to celebrate the release of my species

I will provide bases to people who want to use them for this contest though bare in mind, this is a closed species and you cannot use these as linearts to make designs! Cluster Of Bases by Tainted-Remorse Please, credit me for the species and lines if you use them

You can make it any theme you want, any rarity, whatever, just have fun <3

You must share this journal or feature my group, and you must be either watcher or member of the group, that's all!

Please use the following to help you
Kitsumera species sheet -closed species- by Tainted-RemorseThemed Kitsumera Adoprables AB has been added by Tainted-RemorseCimmin Reference sheet by Tainted-RemorseSpace themed Kitsumera design -closed- by Tainted-RemorseKitsumera custom for Minteen by Tainted-RemorseSnow Kitsumera adoptable -closed- by Tainted-RemorseDreamcatcher fox design -closed- by Tainted-RemorseKitsumera adoptables -closed- by Tainted-Remorse

The prize;
As the only winner you'll receive the option to either keep your Kitsumera, or make your own for free, you can use any rarity you want for your MYO slot too!

If I get over 10 entries I'll also do a chibi of the Kitsumera for the winner too <3
A full body flat by :iconqueencalypso:

If you're really wanting to keep your Kitsumera after the contest and you don't win, I will let you keep it for the following prices depending on the rarities used;

Basic with no other traits other than common; $10 - $15 or 1000 - 1500 points
Uncommon traits added; $15 - $20 or 1500 - 2000 points
Rare traits added; $25 - $30 or 2500 - 3000 points
Ultra rare traits added; $35 - $40 or 3500 - 4000 points
For each two tails added it'll cost an extra $5 or 500 points
The prices are based from the highest rarity on the Kitsumera, say if you used 3 uncommon traits, and 1 rare, it'd class as a rare Kitsu, you don't have to pay for traits individually

Sorry if these seem high, it's because I don't want loads to be made seeing as they're a closed species uwu

Deadline is March 1st 2015 <3 Deadline is March 8th 2015

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